Mary Kay Cosmetics Spring 2017 Collection

Mary Kay limited-edition spring 2017 collection overview

Finally, Spring is here! Spring means pastel colours, warmer weather and new makeup! Today it's all about the new Mary Kay Cosmetics Spring 2017 Collection.

Right away, I noticed that the collection was full of gorgeous pastel, bright shades - which made me very cheerful and happy. There's something about transitioning from Winter to Spring that brings me a lot of joy...oh yes, more daylight and much warmer weather!

All about nails

Mary Kay spring collection nail lacquers
Vivid Sunburst, New Blue, Luminous Mauve, Brilliant Violet

Mary Kay spring nail lacquers in vivid sunburst, new blue, luminous mauve and brilliant violet

I'm a nail addict - so when I saw these four shades I knew I'd be using these like crazy on my fingers and toes! These nail polishes are $10 CAD each! Shop them here.

Eyeshadow palettes

Mary Kay limited-edition spring collection eyeshadow palettes in sunlight and glistening horizon
Sunlight palette, Glistening Horizon palette

One product I adore from Mary Kay is its eyeshadows. The formula in the palettes are always pigmented, creamy and easy to use. Three top things I look for in shadows. Mary Kay came out with two colourful but wearable palettes.
The limited-edition eye colour palettes go for $26 CAD, shop them here


Mary Kay Spring Collection 2017
Magenta Ray, Brilliant Violet and Sheer Pink

As seasons change, typically so does our skin. Our skin (including lips) can get pretty irritated when the weather changes drastically. During this weather change period, I tend to stay away from heavy lip products. These are glossy lip oils. The product glides on the lips and keeps your lips hydrated and comfortable. Perfect for the office because the product is also really easy to apply. 
The limited-edition glossy lip oils are $19 CAD, shop them here.

I hope you're as excited as I am for the Spring season!

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  1. I saw those on several fB feed with ladies who do MK makeup! :)